Well executed cover songs can be really difficult to discover and/or costly to record, and we at Monolathe Communications totally understand this.  We have a collection of cover songs that we have master rights to, and we would love to share them with you.  Below is the list of covers that we currently represent.  Publishing info is included with the assets on the industry access page.

  • Suicide Is Painless-Theme Song From MASH (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • I'm In Love With A Girl-Big Star (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • Sometimes-My Bloody Valentine (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • Could You, Would You-Van Morrison (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • Life's A Gas-T Rex (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • Waterloo Sunset-The Kinks (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right-Tarnation (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • Flying-The Beatles (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • Chicago New York-The Aislers Set (Covered by Scrabbel)

  • Stand Back-Stevie Nicks (Covered by The Foreign Resort)

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