Master and Sync Representation

Master and Sync Representation

Scrabbel was formed in 1999 by two old high school friends Dan Lee and Becky Barron. On the strength of their debut show in 2000 at a sold out event for the San Francisco Intl' Asian American Film Festival, they were approached by a label to record a record. They released their first full length in 2001 on Kittridge Records. The music was full of imagination and incorporated unconvential instruments such as a Speak n Spell. The self titled CD was rated 4 out of 5 stars in the All Music Guide and the SF Weekly's review called it "a Sgt. Pepper's for the twee set".

In 2002, the duo split up, but Dan Lee continued to work under the name Scrabbel. Highly influenced by all things '65 to '75, Dan drew upon his love for bands like the Beatles, Love, the Who, the Zombies, Bowie, and T Rex to create the follow up, 1909.  

Dan Lee continues to play music as the touring keyboardist for the legendary Aislers Set, and he also plays keys for Tim Cohen's Magic Trick.  And there just might be more Scrabbel tunes on the way, so stay tuned!  


  • The Beatles, The Zombies, The Kinks, Aislers Set, Indie Pop, Orchestral Pop, British Invasion

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Press for Scrabbel

  • Pitchfork--" I guess it was that same trip out to San Francisco, our friend Dan Lee, whom we met when he was playing with the Aislers Set, gave us the CD by his new band, Scrabbel. It's a record of cover songs, and they're all really good, but they cover a My Bloody Valentine song, "Sometimes", and it's beautiful." - Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo

  • All Music Guide--"Fans of a certain stripe of semi-twee indie guitar pop will have their new favorite record within the first 30 seconds of Scrabbel's "Sena Song." Shimmering guitar overtones blend with hazy, vaguely psychedelic harmonies for a sound that's instantly familiar to anyone who owned more than a couple of Elephant 6 records back in the '90s..."- Stuart Mason

  • "I like the sunny softness of their sound, the loneliness and precious misery of the gently progressing chords, the romance of drinking Cosmopolitans, even though you know they turn your face red as hell, cellos turned back on parents with a vengeance. They remind me a little of the seminal Korean-core band Seam, a little of Elliott Smith, a little Belle and Sebastian, a little of all my younger family members."- Margaret Cho  

  • Chosen as one of the top 10 bands to "graduate from the local scene and take on the world" 
    San Francisco Bay Guardian


Scrabble's video for "Emily, I," has received over 450k views to date.

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