Master and Sync Representation

Master and Sync Representation


The Society of Rockets are six dedicated paleofuturologists that have been navigating the outer reaches of psychedelia and pop for the last 15 years, first as the Shimmer Kids Underpop Association. In 2004, “…the Kids,” changed their band name to Society of Rockets after their sonic-scape outgrew the home studio and matured into a steady and full-on proper studio setup.

Based out of San Francisco, the Society of Rockets conducts its operations and experiments from within a hermetically sealed combination temple/laboratory in the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood.

The Society of Rockets catalog ranges wildly across numerous genres, garnering accolades from far-flung reaches of the critical spectrum including Pitchfork, NPR and Jambase.


  • The Beach Boys, Primal Scream, Stereolab, Sly and the Family Stone,  Classic Country, Classic Rock

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Press for The Society Of Rockets:

  • Pitchfork--"... the songs here are strong enough bear up under the harsh light of day, and on Sunset Homes the Society of Rockets sound as though they've finally staked claim to a sound they can truly make their own."-Matthew Murphy
  • Pitchfork--"The group sound genuinely thrilled and engaged by these songs, and that spark results in some of the finest recordings of the band's overall history. "Circulate and Sing" and "I Am a Battery" blend chiming British Invasion chords with delirious, hazy synthesizers. "We" recalls early Stereolab with its super-charged motorik groove, while "The Great Experiment" brings to mind that band's later excursions into zoned-out polyrhythmic lounge pop. "-Matthew Perpetua
  •  NPR--"This group has the spirit, even when it heads a few thousand light years from home."- Steve Hochman, L.A. Times Music Critic
  •"With its seamless mastering, where one track melds into another, Our Paths Related is an exhilarating psych pop pastiche by San Francisco’s the Society of Rockets. While 2005’s Where the Grass Grows Black possessed an angular angst, it also maintained a hippie-derived, freak folk positivism for the ten-member Society. Our Paths Related picks up on that blue cheer within a swirling, spacey musical aura that’s more mystical than militant. "- Vish Khana

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