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Have you heard American Killers?

Well we have, and now we are repping their catalog!  And guess what?  We have an additional 5 songs that never made it to retail.  And guess what what??  We have instrumental mixes of all of their tunes!  Holy moly!  That's tons of killer rock and roll!  This 5 song EP was mixed my Beau Burchell (The Bronx, Atreyu) and it's heavy!!!  You can follow American Killers on Facebook, or just check back here regularly for more information.  Check out their video for "Big City" below.  And below that you'll find the Spotify player embedded with more tunes!

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New Scrabbel Single Available!

That's right.  Scrabbel's first single in almost ten years is now available for your consumption.  The folks from WIAIWYA in the UK have included the San Francisco group in their 7 inch club.  These vinyl singles will go fast, so try to reserve yours before it's too late!  Listen and/or purchase below.  

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Kraftwerk's 'Numbers' Is The Greatest Breakdancing Song Of All Time

Can you honestly deny this?  If you have never heard this jam, then possibly, but it's damn near impossible otherwise.  The countdown at the front of the song is fair warning, what come next is pure energy.  The beat, the arpeggiated analog synth line, the continued counting in various languages; you have to move!  And this is not just for breakdancing.  My old bones still have to move whenever I hear these four Germans paving the way for electro.  Just watch the video below.  If this doesn't do something to your soul, then we probably can't be friends.  Dance folks, DANCE!

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Society of Rockets and Peoples Barber

The Rockets have seen two new placements in spots for San Francisco and Oakland's Peoples Barber!  Beautifully shot and edited by Rapid Eye Digital, both spots give the viewer a look into the world of these first-class establishments.  Take a look for yourself!

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Symbolized/Christopher David Ryan

We are super-stoked to be representing the first release and catalog of Symbolized!  Symbolized is the electronic/ambient alter ego of designer/illustrator/purveyor-of-good-vibes, Christopher David Ryan.  Best described as ambient music, Symboized's first release, Figures 1-9is meant to transport the listener to another mindset, thus freeing one from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  Please take a listen on Spotify and hear for yourself!


We love artwork!

And with that being said, we are going to start adding as much as we can to the site.  We have  had so many amazing artists that have worked with us, so we should do what we can to promote their work and point you to their sites.  Here are a few of the gifted artists that we have worked with:

There are certainly more, and we will add them to the site as we sift through our current collection.  Be on the lookout for a page dedicated to artwork!

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We've got Scrabbel!

We're proud to announce that we will be representing the catalog of San Francisco's, Scrabbel!  The entire catalog as well as new songs are also going to be popping up in the coming weeks and months so be on the lookout!  We will have more news regarding this addition in the coming days.

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Society of Rockets placement!

The Society Of Rockets are featured in the new snowboarding film Wildcats Never Die.  If you're a fan of snowboarding and/or extreme sports, then this movie is for you!  The film features the song "Mountain Magic" from the LP Our Paths Related.  Gnarly!

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Now representing Stereo Is A Lie's catalog!

Looking for big, anthemic rock songs for your next production? Then look no further! We are proud to be representing Glynn Wedgewood's catalog of songs from his band Stereo Is A Lie! Take a listen and hit us up if you think a song might work for your client.

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The Society of Rockets release show!

It's been a long time coming and the day is nearly here!  Please join the Society of Rockets as they celebrate the release of their latest full length Family Ways!  And that's just the beginning.  The Conspiracy of Beards will also be joining them, performing the songs of Leonard Cohen!  This is sure to be a fantastic evening, so if you're in San Francisco, head out to the Rickshaw Stop on Sunday, Feb 5th.  And the show is all ages!  

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We're ready for 2017!

Looking forward to a productive and creative 2017!  We hope to see some strong placements this year as well as some growth in the catalog.  Last year saw a new release from The Society Of Rockets, and this year is going to see some movement from Terry Ashkinos and Fake Your Own Death!  We are also stoked to have added both of Elephone's classic albums, The Camera Behind the Camera Behind the Camera and Canister!  Festival season is also upon us now, so we will be posting relevant news soon.  We hope the world has a wonderful and prosperous 2017!

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New Society Of Rockets is less than 2 weeks away!

The forthcoming album from the Society of Rockets drops next week!  And as a teaser, you can  download Won't You Change Your Mind from their page for the next week for free!  Just click here and download from the embedded player on the right.  The album will also be available as instrumentals on all of your favorite digital retailers as well!  Until December 2nd.... 

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elephone's library is available for licensing!

Both of elephone's full length albums are now available for licensing!  

The band grew out of a longtime friendship between Ryan Lambert (a former actor - Kids Inc., The Monster Squad) and Terry Ashkinos. While living in Los Angeles, Ryan and Terry were in separate punk and indie bands who frequently shared the stage touring across the country. Terry moved to San Francisco in 1998 and the pair began writing songs together, collaborating over a distance. Over time they realized that they may be on to something – so in 2003 Ryan decided to move to San Francisco to pursue a new band with Terry, and elephone was born. 

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The Society Of Rockets latest!

The Society Of Rockets are finishing up the mastering stage of their forthcoming album, Family Ways!  Gary Hobish is once again lending his ears to their latest creation, which should land in our lap pretty soon.  Instrumental masters will also accompany this release for production purposes so be on the lookout!

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The Society Of Rockets mix adventure in San Antonio!

The Society Of Rockets just finished their first round of mixing in San Antonio with Chris Cline!  Here's a sneak peak of what's to come!  Please take a listen and let us know what you think.