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Have you heard American Killers?

Well we have, and now we are repping their catalog!  And guess what?  We have an additional 5 songs that never made it to retail.  And guess what what??  We have instrumental mixes of all of their tunes!  Holy moly!  That's tons of killer rock and roll!  This 5 song EP was mixed my Beau Burchell (The Bronx, Atreyu) and it's heavy!!!  You can follow American Killers on Facebook, or just check back here regularly for more information.  Check out their video for "Big City" below.  And below that you'll find the Spotify player embedded with more tunes!

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Kraftwerk's 'Numbers' Is The Greatest Breakdancing Song Of All Time

Can you honestly deny this?  If you have never heard this jam, then possibly, but it's damn near impossible otherwise.  The countdown at the front of the song is fair warning, what come next is pure energy.  The beat, the arpeggiated analog synth line, the continued counting in various languages; you have to move!  And this is not just for breakdancing.  My old bones still have to move whenever I hear these four Germans paving the way for electro.  Just watch the video below.  If this doesn't do something to your soul, then we probably can't be friends.  Dance folks, DANCE!